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How Are You Using Filler Words

“You know when you’re talking to someone and they, like, tell you they totally think something? Then, they go on to explain how they, umm, sort of love this other thing and well, whatever? There is a term for all those extra words: filler. “

Maintain Your Credibility at Work: Don’t Overshare

“As a young woman, you likely enjoy time with your girlfriends dreaming about your future, dealing with the challenges of today and sharing your thoughts and perceptions of the world around you. That’s an excellent use of your girlfriend time. Go ahead and share every intimate detail of last night’s date, your nervousness during this afternoon’s presentation at work, and the way you saved your cranky coworker when she started to explode in a client meeting. But please, keep that sharing out of your professional world.

Stop Leaning; Stand Up Straight

“I’ve watched a number of career women, including those in the executive ranks and those doing the entrepreneurial hustle, wrangle with the whole premise of leaning. Some embrace Sandberg’s approach and feel vindicated to have a champion for their corporate climb. Others feel guilt and pressure to do more than they already do, as though their commitment to work isn’t enough and that they should put aside parenting, volunteering, and social lives to be higher achievers, to be certifiably successful.”

How Sorry are You?

“Every career woman knows it’s polite to apologize for transgressions, such as those times when we’re thoughtless, made a mistake, or overlooked an issue. But many women apologize reflexively the same way they automatically repeat, “please,” and “thank you.” They replace “Excuse me,” with “I’m sorry” and often use “I’m sorry” as a way to acknowledge that something bad has happened. “

How to Find Your Voice and Communicate Your Value

“As a young woman, you’re building your identity every day with a collection of carefully curated skills, beliefs, and behaviors. The way you sign your emails, the words you choose when you leave a voice mail message, and the ritual you follow when introducing yourself are all key components of effectively communicating your value to the world.”

The Lingo Girl

“Amber D. Nelson launched Lingo Consulting, Inc. to address the many umms and errs of the world. With a degree in Journalism from Boston University and more than 20 years of experience crafting messages with organizations and individuals across the nation, she knows how to talk, how to listen and how to communicate in a way that gets things done.”

Press Release for Effective Communications for Women in Business

“Every honoree at the leadership awards luncheon had a clear command of how to leverage their lingo to motivate those on whom their professional successes depend. From Variety publisher, Michelle Sobrino-Stearns, to Elizabeth Alexander of Alexander Imports, these women communicate in a way that creates careers that bust the proverbial glass ceiling”

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